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MTR offers various slab formwork systems produced by Alsina.

These systems incorporate a safe and rational work process and a high performance in the work site.

Our team of skilled engineers provides:

  • Detailed and accurate project guidance.

  • Concrete Pouring Cycle Planning, Optimizing efficiency.

  • Operation Technology Application: Implementing cutting-edge solutions.

  • Instruction and Support: Comprehensive assistance for project success.

FORMWORK Solutions:

mecano 2.jpg

MECANOFLEX is a formwork system designed for shaping concrete slabs and hanging beams. The system's flexibility is guaranteed by its minimalistic components, consisting of main and auxiliary supporting beams.

This feature makes the system adaptable for any kind of horizontal structure with varying geometries. The U-shaped configuration of the supporting beams makes it easy to assemble and securing of the system, eliminating the necessity for attachment and adhesive bonding.


The structural elements of the system are constructed from high-strength metal, contributing to its exceptional wear resistance and prolonged service life.

Alislay 2.jpg

A universal formwork system crafted for the construction of concrete walls and columns. The adjustable elements within the system seamlessly conform to concrete structures of varying shape and dimensions.

  • Weight: 30 kg/m²

  • Pressure rating: 80 kN/m² (8,000 kg/m²)

  • Hardness: Compliant with DIN 18202 standards

  • An innovative locking system guarantees secure panel fixation and minimizes the occurrence of external impacts on the panels

  • The metal frames have a galvanized finish, and the accessories have an electrolyte zinc finish that protects against corrosion

  • The selection of panels ranging from 1.50 to 3.00 meters in height ensures the optimal adaptation of the system to diverse project requirements.

beams f2_edited.jpg

Introducing an innovative panel formwork system designed for constructing hanging beams. 

This system is entirely universal. The adjustable nature of the component panels provides the flexibility to adapt to various thicknesses and widths of the concrete beam.


  • Weight: 22 kg/m² 

  • Pressure Rating: 25 kN/m² (2,500 kg/m²)

  • Minimal wood consumption 

  • Minimizing prop costs: 1 prop required for every 1.57 meters


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